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José Vida Fernández

Tel.: +34 914 585 777
Fax: +34 914 572 498


Professor of Administrative Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid. European Doctor of Law (Dottorato Europeo di Ricerca) from the University of Bologna (Italy). Degree in Law (Extraordinary Award) from the University of Granada.

He develops his teaching activity as a professor of Administrative Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid as well as in numerous Masters and specialisation courses in various fields (telecommunications, electronic administration, health, etc.) at universities and public and private institutions both Spanish and foreign (United States, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru).

He has been active for over ten years in successive research projects funded by public and private institutions. He currently heads the research project “Economic evaluation of public services: an analysis of their possibilities from the public health” financed by the Community of Madrid and participates as a member in the project “From the public services to the general interest services in a context of economic crisis” funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (DER2009-09819) and directed by Tomas de la Quadra-Salcedo.

His publications address the key aspects of Administrative Law with a special focus on Telecommunications law, Audiovisual law, Public Sector Contracts, Health Law, eGovernment, etc. They include the following, among others (last three years):

 Subjects, managers and administrators of securities markets: management companies for markets and systems company (“Sujetos gestores y administradores de los mercados de valores: sociedades rectoras de los mercados y sociedad de sistemas”), in A. JIMÉNEZ-BLANCO, Antonio (ed.): Securities Market Law, Iustel, Madrid, 2009, pages 252-298.

Information and confidentiality of information in Telecom operators (“Información y confidencialidad en la información de los operadores de telecomunicaciones”), in T. QUADRA-SALCEDO (ed.): Telecommunications Volume 4 (Telecomunicaciones Volumen 4), Iustel, Madrid, 2009, pages 841-904.

Analysis and proposals to ensure the right to health care of inmates in prisons (“Análisis y propuestas para garantizar el derecho a la asistencia sanitaria de los internos en instituciones penitenciarias”), Criminal Law Review, no. (Revista La Ley Penal, num.) 62, July 2009.

The European Community regulatory framework for e-government (“El marco normativo comunitario europeo de la Administración electrónica”), in Journal of Local Law (Cuadernos de Derecho Local) no. 21, 2009, pages 59-83.

The additional measures in the Directive concerning services in the internal market (“Las medidas complementarias en la Directiva relativa a los servicios en el mercado interior”), in T. DE LA QUADRA-SALCEDO (ed.): “The internal market and services: studies of Directive 2006/123/EC concerning services in the internal market” (El mercado interior de servicios: estudios sobre la Directiva 2006/123/CE, relativa a los servicios en el mercado interior), Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2009, pages 132-169.

Additional provisions (“Disposiciones adicionales”), in L. PAREJO ALFONSO; A. PALOMAR OLMEDA (eds.), Commentaries on the Contract Law in the Public Sector Volume 4 (Comentarios a la Ley de Contratos del Sector Público Volumen 4), Bosch, Barcelona, 2009.

The assets of Defence (“Los bienes de la Defensa”), in L. PAREJO ALFONSO; A. PALOMAR OLMEDA (eds.): Law of Public Assets (Derecho de los Bienes Públicos). Volume II. “Ownership of Public Assets and Legal System in the General Laws” (Titularidad de los Bienes Públicos y Régimen Jurídico en las Leyes Generales), Aranzadi-Thomson Reuters, Madrid, 2009, pages 217-293.

The distribution of medicines from Spain: distribution by domestic wholesale, export and remote sales by electronic means (“La distribución de medicamentos desde España: distribución al por mayor interna, exportación y venta a distancia por medios telemáticos”), in VV.AA. Current Pharmaceutical Law (Derecho Farmacéutico Actual), Aranzadi, Madrid, 2009, pages 225-240.

Public Administration and the Information Society (“Administración Pública y Sociedad de la Información”), in VV.AA. The Information Society in Spain 2009 (La Sociedad de la Información en España 2009), Ariel-Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, 2009.

Public financing and the pricing of medicines (“Financiación pública y fijación de los precios de los medicamentos”), in VV.AA.: Basic Course in Pharmaceutical Law (Curso Básico de Derecho Farmacéutico), ASEDEF-Fundación Bayer, 2010, pages 387-404.

The transformation of the services markets in Europe: the extent of its impact on the legal system (“La transformación de los mercados de servicios en Europa: el alcance de su impacto sobre el ordenamiento jurídico”), in Journal of Transnational Law (Cuadernos de Derecho Transnacional), vol. 2, no. 2, 2010, pages 268-287.

EGovernment in Europe (“La administración electrónica en Europa”), VV.AA. EGovernment: Studies, best practices and experiences at the local level, Foundation for Democracy and Local Government, Madrid, 2010, pages 13-61.

The incidence of the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in the domestic policy on accessibility, personal mobility and autonomy and participation in culture, leisure and sport (“La incidencia de la Convención Internacional sobre los Derechos de las Personas con Discapacidad en la política interna sobre accesibilidad, la autonomía y movilidad personal, y la participación en la cultura, ocio y deporte”), in P. CUENCA GÓMEZ (ed.): Studies on the impact of the International Convention on the rights of individuals with disabilities in the Spanish legal system, Dykinson, Madrid, 2010, pages 285-347

The Communications Regulatory Commission: Its nature and significance in the Colombian institutional organisation from Act 1349 of 2009 (“La Comisión de Regulación de las Comunicaciones: Su naturaleza y significado en la organización institucional colombiana a partir de la Ley 1349 de 2009”), in E. GONZÁLEZ LÓPEZ (ed.) Comments on the law for information communications and technology – ICT (Law 1341 of 2009), Externado University, Bogotá, 2010.

The management of service activities: Comments on Law 17/2009 of 23 November, on free access to service activities and their exercise (“La ordenación de las actividades de servicio: Comentarios a la Ley 17/2009, de 23 de noviembre, sobre el libre acceso a las actividades de servicios y su ejercicio”), Aranzadi, Cizur Menor, 2010. (together with T. QUADRA-SALCEDO AND A. PALOMAR)

The administrative silence in social services; The administrative silence in the telecommunications sector (“El silencio administrativo en el servicios sociales”; “El silencio administrativo en el sector de las telecomunicaciones”), en L PAREJO ALFONSO (ed.) The silence in the activity of the public administration, Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 2011, pages 99-116; 405-428.

He is Deputy Director of the Masters programme in Telecommunications and Information Technology Law offered by the Carlos III University of Madrid and he is a member of the Pascual Madoz Institute of Territory, Planning and Environment and of the Social Studies Seminar on Medication at the same University.

He has received various scholarships from public and private institutions for further studies. He has also been honoured with awards from the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence of Granada and the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law of Granada, for the best student during the 1992-1997 course. He has also received awards for teaching at the Carlos III University of Madrid (1997), finalist in the Universia-OCW Prize (Madrid, 2010) and the Award for Excellence in educational materials, Open Course Ware Consortium (Cambridge, Mass., 2011).

Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.