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We, the attorneys at GMQ, have developed professionally at big firms and in the context of very important cases, but we firmly believe in the value and agility of highly efficient specialized tightly knit teams.

GMQ focuses on the practice of Law through a reduced, high-performance team, with the total involvement of firm partners in complex matters of high added value, regardless of their amount. Our cohesive, agile, multidisciplinary team, both specialized and seasoned, ensures maximum effectiveness and efficiency for dealing with complex matters.


Solid and proven experience providing comprehensive advice on transactions, restructuring advice to the company and conflict resolution.


Expert advice on business transactions and procedural matters of great volume or complexity.


Our work is driven to offer maximum effectiveness and efficiency in our services in order to return high performance to our clients. To this end, we do not delegate the direction and management of the case. The entire case is managed and controlled directly by a partner of the firm who will have full involvement throughout.


We reject standardisation and offer solutions that can only be achieved with full involvement in the each and every matter.