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We know about:

We advise on all branches of Administrative Law, and in particular, on the following regulated industries: hydrocarbons, transportation, health and telecommunications.

In business transactions with a significant regulatory component, our Administrative team works under the coordination of M&A specialists.

We advice to:

All kind of companies, national and multinational, and all the sectors.

Benchmark cases:

Pharmaceutical company
Legal report for a foreign pharmaceutical company to market a new medicinal product in Spain (undetermined value).

Ground transportation company
Comprehensive legal advice for a ground transportation company: Licences and authorisations for the activities, fulfillment of environmental and health requirements, traffic fines.

Cord blood bank infringement procedure
Legal defense of a cord blood bank company in an infringement procedure for failing to comply with health care legal requirements.

Public procurement
Administrative appeal against a decision in public supply contract with the Ministry of Defence (approx. 3.3M EUR).

Urban Plannning
Urban planning advice on the purchase of a industrial plant (approx. 2M EUR).

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